Sunday, July 17, 2011

Yoga on the Dark Side of the Moon

Occasionally I'll feel inspired to make an awesome playlist based around my class themes and even I surprise myself at what I can get away with playing in a yoga class! And I've decided to share the love. I will be posting my tracklistings and links to download the playlist if you'd like.

This week I'll be posting two of my playlists.

First one:

Yoga on the Dark Side of the Moon : In dedication to the beautiful full moon in Capricorn that passed this last Friday. Enjoy!!

Yoga on the Dark Side of the Moon

1. Kid Koala- Moon River
2. Gil Scott-Heron- Whitey on the Moon
3. The Capris- There's a Moon Out Tonight
4. Dead Can Dance- The Snake and the Moon
5. Nouvelle Vague- Killing Moon
6. Pink Floyd- Brain Damage
7. Pink Floyd- Eclipse
8. King Harvest- Dancing in the Moonlight
9. The B-52s- There's a Moon in the Sky (Called the Moon)
10. Frank Sinatra- Fly Me to the Moon
11. Mel Torme- Swingin' on the Moon
12. Hank Williams- Howlin' at the Moon
13. Can- Moonshake
14. Neil Young- Harvest Moon
15. Cat Stevens- Moonshadow
16. Cat Power- cover of Bob Dylan's Moonshiner
17. Nick Drake- Pink Moon
18. Elvis Presley- Blue Moon
19. Radiohead- Sail to the Moon
20. Sarah Brightman- La Luna/Moon River
21. Beethoven- Moonlight Sonata

Enjoy! Carmageddon playlist coming shortly~!